X-rays Invention

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The unique background of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen did not hinder him from inventing one of the most vital discoveries of the 19th century; he was not the typical physicist (Daillant, 2009). It was the accident of his experimental research work on 8 November 1895. He discovered an image from his generator of cathode ray, which was completely different ray from cathode ray which is now known as electron beam. William invented after his great discovery of X-rays, tube of X-Ray which called Coolidge tube. X- Rays generation was revolutionized after his invention and this is the modal on which all medical application are based on X tubes (Attwood, 2007).


Rontgen took a photograph of his wife hand after a week of his first discovery, in this image her hand bones clearly shown with her weeding ring. This aroused the large amount of interest in the latest type of radiation and electrified the general public.

Rontgen decides to call this new invention by X- Radiation, in this name X drive the meaning of unknown. This ray is also known as Rontgen rays, but only inside the Germany. Now imagine without these all new invention and modern sciences how difficult life is. The invention of the x-ray in 1895, created an astounding step forward in the time record of medicine (Attwood, 2007). The inner workings of the body could be made visible without having to cut into the flesh possible first time ever in the medical history. The Science Museum's curators celebrated a part of its centenary and they chose ten objects from its collection of greatest invention of a century and collect the public opinion by casting vote on their favorite invention of current era. From a list which included all famous 10 inventions of modern world the...