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Marketing Management-II

Case Analysis

Xerox Corporation: The Customer Satisfaction Program

Case Brief

Xerox Corporation: The Customer Satisfaction Program

Xerox Corporation, incorporated in 1906, is engaged in the document management business, offering an array of document products, services, and solutions. The company is specialized in the production and management of documents: ranging from color to black-and-white, digital and paper for the small office or the multinational enterprise. Being an icon of innovation for years and a dominator of the copier market, Xerox experienced years of success. Xerox Corporation was the first company to launch a xerographic machine in the year 1959. It was a market leader till 1970 due to the various patents it held. Later it started issuing licenses to competitors and since then it started losing the market share to IBM, Kodak and other Japanese players. However, in 1980, the company realized that they need to concentrate on quality which would help in both reducing the costs and in retaining the customers.

They aimed and achieved Leadership through quality. They served the customers and dealt with it through different frameworks.

Marketing Research Orientation: Xerox Company had a lot of information about the industry and its competitors from third-party sources. It also had information about the available distribution channels. It conducts four sets of surveys:

Periodic survey of a random sample of Xerox customers

Post-installation survey of all Xerox customers within 90 days of a new installation

New product post installation survey of a random sample of customers with new products during the launch phase

Survey for benchmarking the company with the customers

All these surveys provide the company with the information about customer satisfaction which they use to identify problems and solve them. They had a very good follow up methods for products that get...