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Reflection on The Case

Based on what I have read, my reflection to the case studies on the relationship between achievements motivation in English and mathematic at Secondary level goes like this. First thing first, motivation which is an internal condition that stimulates directs and maintains behavior. People who don't have motivation have difficulties in learning and a cause in decreasing educational standards. Truely, if one is motivated; the pace in learning and performance in education is going to spark up. Basically, I could say that school will be unlikely successful if we don't motivation. Elseswhere,self-concept is a psychological construct that refer to cluster of ideas and attitude of a person. There is mutual common ground between self concept and achievement, plus it has a positive contribution to students scores on deep processing. Academic achievement is defined by examination marks, teachers given grades and percentiles in academic subjects. As for the objectives of cases was to examine relationship among achievement motivation, academic self-concept and academic achievement of the students at the secondary school level in Sargodha.

It's been given that self-concept of English and math and all three dimensions of achievement motivation and academic achievement of math was at a level of 0.01. Academic achievement of English and the academic of math were 0.01. Gender had a great impact on the case .Girls were motivated and scored way better than boys did. Their achievement motivation, self concept, and academic achievement were higher than boys. So what could it be? Teachers in their class have been improving and motivating students. Students are motivated when teachers don't use lots of competition, show enthusiasm .Moreover, teachers can improve self concept of colleagues .For example, they can remind everybody not to laugh when someone makes a mistake, give appreciation for efforts, and get the...