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Alternative Solutions

XYZ is a high end retail outlet that sells furniture, lighting, and accessories. The company is in its 33rd year of business and has experienced rapid growth over the past five years with no increase in staff. The owner called a meeting to announce he is selling the company and assigned an unrealistic quota of gross sales on the staff. After the owner leaves the staff identifies the low morale, high rate absenteeism, poor work quality and late deliveries. The result of these symptoms is high rate returns, numerous complaints from clients and a complete lack of staff motivation which leads them to decide on alternatives.

This paper will answer the problem statement on how to get management to care how sales are achieved by addressing and analyzing the following three alterative solutions:

Staff value;

Make a personal case to new management; and

Run Away.

This paper will then analyze the three alternative solutions using the criteria matrix decision-making tool to select the best solution.

Staff Value

One alternative for the staff is to sell new management on the value of the staff as a successful team. All staff have been together for a number of years and finding out that the company is being sold has now created an even lower morale for all employees. The staff of XYZ is an important asset to the company and as such, they have great amount of power. Because they are the front line and they deal with the clients, close sales and bring in the profits, XYZ is the successful company that the owner can now sell. The staff knows their jobs and how to do them. To keep their jobs and ensure their future, they need to keep a united front and present themselves as a group to...