y Did the Tsar Survive the Revolution of 1905, but Not That Of 1917?

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Clear similarities contrasted with crucial differences between the 1905 and 1917 revolutions evidently illustrate the reason as to how and why the Russian monarchy failed after 1917. There were several key factors which helped demonstrate the relationship and difference between the two revolutions. These were the Russo-Japanese war (1904-1905) compared with the disastrous First World War (1914); The Bloody Sunday strike (1905) and the Putilov (1917)- along with several riots and demonstrations; forms of government such as the Soviets and Committees and finally; lacked leadership or to that fact, the up rise of leaders such as Lenin and Trotsky. So regarding the fact that the 1905 and 1917 revolutions were so similar- both years being involved in a war and both having great civil hostility, how come one fizzled while the other erupted disastrously?In 1900 Russia was going through many structural problems which anticipated the letdown of the Tsar's Empire i.e.

- revolution. Peasants living in poverty made up the majority of the populations, and had very poor living conditions. Industrial workers suffered low pay, long working hours and poor factory conditions. Nicholas was an incompetent autocrat which was disapproved by the vast majority of Russia's population; most of all, Russia was a very backward country, lacking good roads, railways and economical boost due to uneducated people. In 1902 an economic recession led to higher unemployment in Russian cities. The Tsar was warned of a revolution and tried to gain popularity by attacking and taking over Manchuria however, this led to war with Japan. The result of this war was the hopeless loss of Port Arthur and worse conditions for the people of Russia. Railways were blocked leaving all the transport of food and supplies at a halt. Factories closed due to loss of import of raw materials and there...