Yahoo!: The Functions of Management and Factors that Play a Role

Essay by angelz2u June 2009

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The management of today has many factors that impact the functions of management, from internal to external factors that encompass globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics. The mentioned factors also help to determine how managers can use delegation effectively. Yahoo! as a company has many internal and external factors that impact the four functions of management.

External and Internal FactorsExternal factors in the competitive environment are competitors, customers and the products and services offered; also the macro environment: government and economic conditions. Internal factors come in the form of the organizations culture (Bateman & Snell, 2007). The internal and external factors influence how management performs each function of management, as these factors help dictate how Yahoo! will deliver the products and services to the customer and what they will deliver. In the planning function, environmental scanning is taken into account to determine what the competitors like Google or Microsoft are creating and what consumers are searching for or potentially need, leading to the next functions of organizing, leading and controlling.

That is why Yahoo! has over 100 products for the consumers to use and Yahoo! is growing as the wants increase as with the competition's innovations and market integration. The planning function will also be influenced by the organizations culture due to diversity and their ethics, but the most influence from the culture come in the leading and controlling function as these functions utilize the talents of the individuals in the company and in turn help to influence the planning function. Yahoo!'s culture and values are unique and strong. As with any internet based company, a little quirkiness is needed for attention as shown in a tour of the company or on Yahoo!'s employment page. One of the greater internal factors that impact the functions of management for Yahoo! is...