Yahoo Manages Its Human Resources.

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Case: Yahoo Manages Its Human Resources

I. Problem: How to Yahoo could select the right person for the right job?

What kind of employees does Yahoo want to hire?

II. Point of View: Consultant

III. Objectives:

1. To be able to help Yahoo in managing its human resources in selecting the right person for the appropriate position.

2. To be able to assist and eliminate human resource problems at Yahoo especially in job descriptions/hiring and job discrepancies.

IV. Areas of Consideration

"h Internal Factors

1. The company lacks human resource management efficiency. Doesn't have the right time to do their jobs (proper working hours).

2. The company is too flat and there are job discrepancies within the organization.

"h External Factors

1. Societal Trends

2. Local Laws and Regulations

3. Investors/Customers

V. Alternative Courses of Actions:

1. Give the right and proper job description for the applicant of the company.

Interview the applicant personally by the management (checking its records like medical, scholastics, academic and historical backgrounds). If ever hire Yahoo management should give the new employee the right job he applied for.

Thus by doing this method the company eliminates job discrepancies

2. Give proper attention in the HR department; know more about the situation of every employee. In order for the management to know their problems and eliminate them. Then making the employees more effective and efficient.

3. Management must impose a working hours period for all the employees and initiate disciplinary actions for the ones who didn't follow the rules of the management.

4. Company must conduct training, seminars, employee get together with the management (Christmas party, beach party and acquaintance party for all both customers and employees). This actions results to better management employee relationships.

5. Company must increase its human resource management team. To...