The Yakima and the Sioux

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Both the Yakima and the Sioux are native cultures to our own world. Although they have similarities with one another, they also have a few differences. Here I will explain a few of their differences and similarities along with the values they share in the personal religious practices and beliefs.

Each culture has their own belief of how the world and their culture came to be. The Yakima believe that "The Great Chief Above" created them and that they descended from his creations. The Sioux believe that they descended from the Eagle. Both cultures have a close relation to the earth and all it has to offer. The Yakima people believe that in the beginning all the world was water and from that the Great Chief Above created the rest of the world by throwing mud together. People of the Sioux believe that Unktehi, the water monster of the land fought the Sioux and caused a great flood.

Everyone died except for a beautiful girl who was saved by Wanblee Galeshka, an eagle. The eagle and the beautiful girl later married and had children. That is why the Sioux portray themselves as an eagle nation. Another similarity of both cultures is that the story of how they came to be was told and passed down by their ancestors. The Yakima people believe that one day the ancestors will come back but only if the remaining people keep the beliefs of their grandfathers.

The people of both cultures hold their beliefs very dear and true to their hearts. The Yakima people value the stories so much that they make the retelling of the story a part of their culture. They believe that only the loyal Yakima's bones will be preserved under the mountains. The Sioux people are incredibly proud of where...