The Yalta Conference, detailed information on what happend behind the table of the "Big three leaders" at the end of WWII,bibliography included

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Yalta Conference

During an approximate period of forty-two years, the hideous face of communism lay hidden in the shadows behind the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. It all started in the early 1930's, when Adolph Hitler seized control of the economically and sociologically bankrupt Republic of Germany that tried to pull itself out of the whirlwind in which the devastating defeat of World War I left it, not twenty years before. Hitler promising glory and revenge to the impoverished Germans, convinced them to march against the World, thus starting the worst nightmare the World had ever seen to date.

After only two years of war, Hitler's Germany controlled all of France, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as much of North Africa, and his war machine strongly threatened Great Britain with continuous air raids. On the other side of Europe lay the giant, untapped Soviet Union, with its enormous deposits of oil and metals, as well as great agricultural plains, all of which Hitler considered vital for the good continuation of the war.

(Leffler) Thus on the twenty second of June 1941 Germany and the Axis nations begin operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union.( prof. Dr. Gendron) Although for the first year the Russians suffer heavy defeats at the hands of the Axis, in 1943 the Russians deal Germany it's first major defeat of the war at the Battle of Stalingrad. After many months of bitter fighting the Germans succumbed to the Russian winters and retreated, followed by the Russian counterattack. With the help of Allied forces, pushing inward from the West, the Russians were able to successfully liberate Eastern Europe and reach Germany, by the beginning of 1945. Stalin's army had reached the Oder River and was poised for the final attack on Berlin, but Stalin on...