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Yammer is look like Facebook, but it's just only use for working. Everyone can meet colleagues at De Heus Animal Nutrition companies around the world to exchange experience and information about anything relates to work. The way for using is similar to facebook.

Step 1: Access to the address: https://yammer.com/deheus.com by your web browser.

Step 2: Enter your email into the blank of filling out your work email. Note: You must fill out your email as this format as the following picture correctly and then click Sign Up.

Step 3: Click "Complete Sign Up" to confirm a signing up and begin using Yammer.

Step 4: Filling out necessary information as following picture consist of: First Name, Last Name, Password (don't choose a simple password such as: 123, 123456…), Department Name and Your Job Tittle. Then, click Next.

Step 5: Adding your colleagues' emails, you can pass this step unless you want.

You'll find your colleagues in De Heus Viet Nam easily if you add their work email. Click Next.

Step 6: Joining in groups which you want to see your familiar colleagues. You can join lot of groups as you want.

Step 7: Choose a picture on your computer to represent to your profile photo. Click Save & Continue. Or you can skip unless you have any picture on your computer, but you should try to choose a picture faithfully for your avatar because of working environment.

Step 8: This is the mainly interface of Yammer, it is look like Facebook's interface. You can discover it by yourself to exchange working information as immediately as Outlook.