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Davis Meyer Short Analysis TDEC Breakdown

In Ryan Boudionots "The Littlest Hitler", by the end of the story Davy changes as a result of his past experiences by realizing that dressing up as a bad person can be disrespectful to others and that he needs to learn to show more respect Jews. "I felt guilty for causing the ruckus. Everybody was looking at me with these grim expressions". Because Davy came onto the bus dressed up as Hitler and was the main reason for the bus getting pulled over he "felt guilty" (1 Boudinot) for it and was embarrassed. My detail supports my argumentThe author has Davy feel like this because Davy came onto the bus dressed as Hitler and makes him feel really bad for what he had caused, and could have disrespected some people on the bus. "How would you like it if you had to live in an attic and pee in a bucket and couldn't walk around or talk all day and didn't have much food to eat? It didn't take them long to make my cry"(2) Then when Davy got to school, another kid was dressed up as Anne Frank (Holocaust Person), which then everybody took the girls side who was dressed up as Anne Frank and "[Made] [him] cry" (2 Boudinot).

My detail supports my argument becausebecause the author chooses to to have Daby Davys starts to have feelings about the whole thing, because it showsits showing now that Davy is starting to feel bad about what he wore, and now is noticing that he is now not being very respectful to the Jews while being dressed up as Hitler and that all of the kids in the his school don't like what he is weating.. "I sat a long time eating...