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The acronym AIDS stands for what?Acquired Immune Deficiency syndromeThe acronym HIV means what?Human Immunodeficiency VirusHow does HIV work?HIV works by entering the body, then it attaches itself onto a T cell and works its way inside of that cell. It then uses this cell as a virus-making factory to make a lot of copies of itself. These new viruses leave and go on to infect and destroy other healthy T cells, this cycle is then repeated.

How can you get HIV?You can get HIV when the fluids from your body mix with those of someone who has HIV. HIV is spread by sexual contact or by sharing needles with an infected person or through transfusions of infected blood. You can't catch it like the flu and you can't get it just by touching or being near someone with HIV.

How doe HIV virus affect the body?The HIV virus affects the body by gradually decreasing the number of T cells, which help fight off invading micro-organisms, and as a result the body develops severe immune deficiency as a result it is no longer able to effectively fight off viruses and bacteria that cause disease.

Basically it weaken the body’s ability to fight off disease.

What are opportunistic infection?Opportunistic infections (OI) are infections which are caused by pathogens which would normally not cause infections in an healthy immune system. As HIV causes the immune system to weaken, as a result these bacteria which would not affect a healthy immune system now get the ‘opportunity’ to affect this compromised immune system.

How can you protect yourself from HIV?You can protect yourself from HIV by use a condom when you have sex, use gloves if you may have contact with blood or body fluids from a person, wash your hand with soap after any...