This year as a 10th grade English II student I

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This year as a 10th grade English II student I feel that I have learned many things as a result of lessons in the class. At first I thought I hadn't learned anything this semester, but as I pondered whether or not I had wasted a whole semester, I found that I had in fact learned and accomplished things from the objective sheet. I think that I have raised my level of thinking, in the way that I have analyzed literature, from character analysis, and plot development. I also feel that I have gained teamwork skills with the activities and endeavors I've been asked to face while in the classroom.

Arthurian legends, Julius Caesar, lit logs, analyzing poems, wrote better and dug deeper on writings I found that after reading stories from the book that I could actually do lit logs, but my note taking methods in them were not always good.

I did however become better at giving the summaries, reflections, and only a little better at listing characters and their traits. I think all in all I have a better understanding of how to do lit logs, and I understand that they were used to help me understand what was happening in stories, and to help me learn better ways to take notes on these events.

When we read "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar" and "Frankenstein I learned what made a tragic hero, and many ways to find what the author intended to teach readers in the themes of each story. I learned about epic heroes when I read the hobbit and when we read about Arthurian Legends in class. We also learned about epic heroes when we watched Star Wars. What I got out of these stories, were more ways to understand what it takes to right certain types of writing, whether tragic or epic heroes.

Proof of my learning can be seen in my writings, like when I wrote about Frankenstein, you could see my understanding of the plot when I concluded what the thesis of the story was that not all technology is for the best of mankind. I learned about different types of poems, and mainly about the author Edgar Allen Poe. I read 5 of his poems, and to demonstrate my understanding of his writing, I wrote 3 poems of my own in his style.

I think altogether this semester I didn't do the best I could, but I did do the work. My use of class time was not always appropriate, and I did have some missing assignments. My handed in assignments did meet the criteria expected most of the time, and I did put effort into most of my writing, although I did not tend to go as much into depth as I could have. I think I earned at least a B and at the most an A, because I did my work and reached the class objectives.