Year 12 Economics- Economic Globalisation: Inquiry - Enron Corporation

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1.0 Executive Summary

In relation to the statement of the Minister of Youth Affairs to the Federal Standing Committee which shall provide the general consensus of Australian youth as to why Australia should not support a policy of globalisation, a report has been compiled outlining the adverse affects inherent in globalisation. The report, commissioned by the Youth Minister, will outline the issues surrounding of Globalisation, discussing in detail both the advantages and disadvantages of adopting such a policy. A case study of the former multi-national corporation ENRON will be used to show why Australia should adopt a policy to support Globalisation.

2.0 Globalisation

The International Monetary Fund, from the Oxford English Dictionary defines globalization as "the growing economic interdependence of countries worldwide through increasing volume and variety of cross-border transactions in goods and services, free international capital flows, and more rapid and widespread diffusion of technology".(1) Globalization is caused by four fundamental forms of capital movement throughout the global economy.

The four important capital flows are:

* Human Capital (i.e. Immigration, Skilled Workforce)

* Financial Capital (i.e. Aid, Unrequited Transfers)

* Resource Capital (i.e. Energy, Metals, Minerals, commodities

* Power Capital (i.e. Security Forces, Alliances, Armed Forces, etc)

The best part thereof the complexities and issues that arise in the general macro undertakings of countries, communities and the key relations between can be traced to capital flows.(2)

"Globalisation has been perpetuated the corporation which derived it's overwhelming power from the industrial age which began in 1712. In which machines were used to produce more goods and service for trade per man hour. Today the concept is much the same, merely with more sophisticated goods and services." (Ray Anderson, CEO Interface, world's largest commercial carpet manufacturer). (3)

Put simply globalisation is an inevitable occurrence whereby as countries economies, populations...