"Year-Round School is Not for America"

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It is difficult to imagine having school all year rather than simply from September to June. There are school districts that have reverted to using a year-round system. This is a mistake on their part. While supporters of year-round education claim to have an abundance of rationale behind their issue, much of their reasons are not backed by valid evidence. Challengers of year-round school, on the other hand, have proof supported with studies and factual evidence. The issue of year-round school is controversial, but it is hard to see why. Year-round schooling will negatively affect school districts and the students themselves.

Implementing year-round school would have a mostly negative effect on the students. It is common knowledge that family life is a very important aspect of life. One problem with year-round schooling is the strain it would put on family life. Taking out summer vacation leads to more time at school and less time at home with family.

"Parents who oppose YRE argue that their children should spend summers with siblings and other relatives…" ("Year-Round Education"). These parents are concerned with the disruption year-round schooling would have on their family life. In addition to the disturbance in family life, year-round schooling can also impede summer jobs. After high school, many teens plan to go to college; to do so, they need to earn money that they can only with summer jobs. The eradication of summer vacation would make it difficult to pay the bill of a university. Most students cannot afford to "exchange summer jobs…for reading, writing, and arithmetic" ("Year-Round Education"). As if these consequences were not enough, year-round schools have also been criticized for obstructing activities such as sports and community service ("Year-Round Education"). There are so many drawbacks to year- round schooling for its students. The interference of...