Year Round Schooling

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There are many disadvantages of year round schooling. One huge reason, is that multitracks schools, which compose of students being on five different tracks, are off from school at different times. If you are a parent and have 2 children on 2 different tracks, you will never be able to go on vacation. Another reason is what I like to call the "Bunch Start". While regular schools are off during the summer, Year round schools are still in session. During this, faculty members have to go and work on moving the students up a grade, and enrolling kindergarteners. Also, all the teachers are never on at the same time, making schools meetings useless. Also, camp suffer because people are not able to attend. Another reason is that students will not be able to get a job and get them ready for the real world. As you can see, year round schools are a disadvantage.

However, there are also some advantages of year round schooling. Statistics show that year round schools academically approve students test scores. Also, some say that students forget all of the past information over the summer, so a week or 2 is needed to review last years information.