Year Round Schooling

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Year Round Schooling Many school districts are looking at the idea of year round schooling. What is year round schooling all about? Will year round schooling be an advantage for everyone? This is a very important issue in today's educational world. Lauren Pederson says, "We must pick the best schooling for the children, teachers and parents involved."� Year round schooling should be looked over carefully because it isn't the best option for children, teachers, and parents.

Schools have two options for there school year calendar. The first, and most used, is the traditional calendar. The traditional calendar is when students go to school for nine months and then have three months off for a vacation. The other school calendar option is year round schooling. The students go to school for 45 days then have a 15 day vacation.

This is a continues schedule all year round. Schools that are over crowded and have no money to build on or build another school often consider a year round calendar.

But year round school cost more to run.(Pederson) Leon Worden explains how the system works.

He gave an example of an elementary school with 800 students attending. This is over crowded, and he helps us to understand what the year round schedule would be like.

"One-quarter of the students are out of school while the rest are in school. The "tracks"� take turns. Each track is in school for three straight months, followed by one month off.

Track A might attend in January, February, and March and take April off. Track B might take January off and attend in February, March, and April. Track C might be off in February, and Track D in March. Each track is in school nine months of the year."� With using this system each "track"� has...