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Essay by kiciara75 January 2006

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This year's vacation seemed to be rather boring. My parents announced that we will spend them in our town.

On Saturday , 2nd of July, someone called and informed my parents that there is one free place on sail camp on Mazury. That kind of holiday was my dream and I didn't think it may come true.

We bought all the indispensable things for my fourteen days stay on a boat. The crew consisted of four my friends from Warsaw and our captain . Every day was laborious and seemed to be almost the same. We slept on the boat and we had to prepare food ourselves. But one day, during our trip from Mikoajki to Wilkasy, dark clouds suddenly covered the sky and strong wind started to blow. The waves were very high and we started to lose control of the boat. The experience of the captain and our responsibility protected us from turning the boat over.

That was the first storm I'd faced away from home.

I still remember the strong emotions connected with that event and the whole camp. Last vacation was the most exciting in my life.