Yee Wo Plastic Piping Components Ltd Solve Problems Related to Distribution

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Contents page•Executive summary•Main statements of sustainability issues•Conclusion•ReferencesExecutive summaryThis case study considered on the Yee Wo Plastic Piping components Ltd company that how implemented by their poorly performed distributers and products are been emerged among those smallest distributer channels. The company is subsidiary of a Taiwanese manufacture which based on multinational supplier of various range of civil and chemical engineering products such as plastic pumps, valves, fittings, pipes, and gauges. In fact, there many competitors within ASEAN regions, however, currently, there are five major manufactures are been competing to each other by similar products, although company owns 40 % of all markets in that area.

The main problem is that appeared by their poor developed distributers such as smaller and their insufficient sales which allowed to other cheapest negotiable subsidiary products are being replaced into the market. According to this conflict, Johnny Tan, who is sales manager in the Yee Wo Plastic Piping components Ltd, has been working through his company representatives' and distributers' to reorganize and solve these arising problems.

Sales force organisationThe sales manager must pay attention to the structure of their sales force and firstly, channel selection is much important for reach to targeted customer efficiently. Secondly, once have chosen channel that can be trough either product line or major customer segments, and finally, given this channels what salespeople you need and fit to those specific organization as a direct sales.

Distribution is recognized as stockists who should responsible to hold full range of the company's products sales and ensure how completing its service to end users and persuade end users to specify the company's products. Indeed, it wouldn't applied into the distributers' and they just working for the profit.

Some suggested strategy to reorganize sales forceAs a consequently, manager Johnny Tan can do redesign its company channel...