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In the early twentieth century a writer's work usually represented one's surroundings. In the stories "Wunderkind" by Carson McCullers and "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charolotte Gilman, there are examples of the immediate surroundings taking affect in their writings. Both writers prove a point, conditions and attitudes presented in the early 20th century influenced and often extinguished the potential or imagination of the artist. In most cases a person becomes what his/her surroundings let them. A person's family, friends, neighborhood and every day things will shape and mold one's morals and character.

In "The Yellow Wallpaper," the narrator is also the author. Charolotte Gilman writes about her struggle with insanity. Her imagination slowly extinguished and dwindled because of attitudes present in this era. The story takes place in a house in the countryside. John's plan was to get his wife away from all the hustle and bustle and have her relax.

John, a doctor, along with another doctor, gave John's wife a prescription of exercise, rest and absolutely no writing. They believed (along with society) that this was the best thing for people suffering from insanity. John never came out and said she was going insane. He just said she was stressed and needed rest. He actually told her not to think about her condition; it would only make things worse. So for the few weeks they were on vacation, she tried to follow his prescription except for when she would secretly write. It was a favorite passion of hers that gave her a break from society's daily stresses. On a daily basis she was stuck in her house with no one to talk to because John would go to town for days at a time. She wasn't allowed to take care of her baby. She couldn't even talk...