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The story "The Yellow Wallpaper" written by Charlotte Gilman Perkins told us a sad story about a woman who was suffered from depression. After being isolated for a few months, she had become a real mental ill person at the end. In the story, through narrator's writing we deeply understand how she felt. How she had been instructed for doing almost nothing except resting. She described her frustration for living in a room that had the yellow wallpaper that she hated the most. What she could do was to stare at the wallpaper and to make up story in her imagination that led her insane finally. Through this sad story, she revealed the aspects that women's role in marriages and society in Nineteen Century when the story took place.

At the begging, they believed that she had a "temporary nervous depression". She arrived at a big house with her husband, John and John' sister.

John is a physician and directed her what she could do. She mentioned several times that she was not allowed to write and "forbidden to work". Even she disagreed with the ideas but she still had to listen to John's direction. Her "brother is also a physician and says the same thing." No matter how she felt, she could not change their minds about what she could do in her situation. It showed John concerned about her conditions only in if she could rest and eat well. In fact he had never listened to what she was really thinking about. He treated her like she was a child. He called her "blessed little goose" "little girl" "bless little heart". From surface probably John cared about her; but the way he treated her was not the way she really needed. John told her not...