Yellowstone National park

Essay by dirtkingdkA, October 2004

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I have traveled to many different places in the U.S. like Washington D.C., Colorado, Nashville, and a few others but the one place that affected me the most was Yellowstone National Park. My trip to Yellowstone was quite a few years ago so some of the details of the drive up there and what we did are a little fuzzy but what happened that first night in the hotel and the events that followed will always be imbedded deep into my memory.

I believe that I was about eight years old when my parents decided that it would be a good idea for the family to go on a vacation to Yellowstone National Park. My parent also decided that it would be not only cheaper but also more fun to drive the entire way. Honestly, I think they were crazy to think that it would be fun to take a 1992 Mazda 626, which is not a large car at all, about 1308 miles with two kids, me and my sister, on what they had planed to be a one and a half day drive.

Imagine riding in a mid-sized, greenish blue, four-door car, with a small trunk, not very strong air conditioning, and back seats with barley enough legroom for a ten-year old let alone me and my sister, without touching each other, stuffed with pillows, some luggage, because it wouldn't fit in the trunk, and things to hopefully keep us occupied for hour after hour after hour until we stopped at a rest-stop, got lost and had to ask directions, got to the hotel, or the little sight my parents had planned for us to see along the way there. Despite all of this the drive up there was actual not that bad at all, as...