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Caldwell 6

Amalena Caldwell

Prof. Frost

English 1102 11:00AM

18 September 2014


Everyday just over half of the population of the world looks over their shoulders when alone, smiles to avoid confrontations with strangers turning violent, and frets about everything to make sure they don't provoke attacks from the other half. The cautious half is overwhelmingly female. Unfortunately, measures to avoid hostilities can be pointless or not enough. Regardless of the situation, it is far too often that women are blamed for crimes committed against them of a violent or sexual nature. Misogyny is often brushed aside or ignored by society, something which many women are getting fed up with and know they must do something about.

The virtual straw to break the camel's back was embodied in the online reaction called #YesAllWomen to a man who went on a killing spree because he felt that women (not just any women, but the 'hot' ones) owed him sex for existing as a male.

To take revenge on these women, he shot and killed six random people and put seven more in the hospital with serious injuries. That wasn't even the worst part - the worst part was that there was a significant online movement to support his rampage claiming that he was justified because it was his right to have a woman's body, whether for sex or to literally take her life for refusing. People blamed women for bringing it on themselves rather than looking at an ugly culture where women aren't people but things to be conquered or killed. In the world these people live in, women are too different from men to rightfully possess a 'Factor X' - a term used by Fukuyama in his chapter "Human Dignity" to refer to something that makes a person worthy...