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How should yestmail go about recruiting new members?

What benefits does provide to its members? How will you maintain/enhance yesmail's value to members?

Shat does yesmail provide to its clients? What do you think of yesmail's pricing policy?

What do you see as the future for permission email?

Group Written Assignment Case

Executive Summary

I.Background Analysis



I. Background Analysis

The internet marketing has played important roles in the marketing segments since the dotcom period has begun. YesMail (permission email) presented internet marketers with a compelling alternative to ordinary direct mail. YesMail offers clients the services that was far more effective, faster, and cheaper than the direct mail. In additional, there was some distinct technical advantages of email services over direct mail.

1) Effectiveness:

YesMail is proven to be effective with average response rate of 5%-15% compared with only 1%-2% for direct mail. YesMail enable the client to be able to get their advertisements to their customers easier and therefore more chances for closing their sales.

With its software called "eTarget", clients can navigate through YesMail databases to find the information of their potential customers that matches their market target. eTarget includes a capability to recommend further potential audience segments, in view of those already selected. Furthermore, YesMail specialists would work with clients to create messages that most customized and matched to the various types of members. In additional, the YesMail's quality control team would review the clients messages to ensure that the contents matched the permission given by the chosen members. They also make sure that no clients messages has been left out

2) Quickness:

YesMail enable clients to be able to send out their message to their customers and get 75% response within three days, compared with three to five weeks for...