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Chapter 1 - The great Gatsby

Nick Carraway, who is introduced as the narrator of the book, moves to New York where he begins working in the bond business. He moves to a small cottage in the West egg next to a beautiful mansion. Nick, who establishes his knack for making reserved judgments about people and things, soon realizes the difference between East and West egg. East egg is the home of old money and conservative aristocrats while West egg is the home of new money, extravagance, and glamour. Although Nick is dissimilar to the community that surrounds him, he has connections with an old college buddy from Yale. Shortly after he arrives in New York, he drives to East egg to have dinner with Tom and Daisy Buchanan. When Nick arrives, Tom, who is a rich man, greets him saying, "I've got a nice place here." This shows that Tom is an insecure and needs to be reassured; for it is obvious he has a nice house because he lives in East egg.

When they enter the house there is a long high hallway with French windows at each end. They walk down the hallway and enter a room with a wedding cake ceiling and a wine colored rug. This is where Nick see's Daisy and Jordan. Daisy is dressed in all white, which would seem to symbolize innocence and purity. She seems delighted by the fact that Nick has joined them for dinner. Once they all sit down Tom gets a call and Daisy's enthusiasm vanishes into thin air. She excuses herself and follows Tom into the living room. While she is gone Jordan informs Nick that Tom has a mistress in the city. When Daisy and Tom return, the energy in the room has taken a...