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Chemistry study notes

n(HO-C6H10O4-OH) → H-(O-C6H10O4)n-OH + (n - 1)H2O

Mass of barium sulfate is calculated using stoichiometry

Causes of inaccurate result in lawn fertiliser analysis:

-The Precipitate is very fine and can pass through filter paper

-Not all the sulfate precipitated because not enough barium ions were added

Ppm = mg/L

1 g = 1000 mg

Microscopic membranes have uniform size pores and the thin polymer sheets are semi permeable.

To assess the reliability of information -compare the information from various sources eg.internet, textbook, journals.

For rusting to occur, oxygen and water must be present

Iron oxidises to form iron hydroxide which then oxidise to form hydrated iron oxide.

Sacrificial anodes have to be replaced as it is eaten away.

Inert electrodes are carbon, stainless steel and platinum.

In sacrificial anode, zinc is oxidised and water is reduced.

In Applied voltage, water is being reduced an oxidised

Conservation is the saving or preserving of an artefact to prevent it from further deterioration.

It involves cleaning, preserving and stabilising artefact.

Restoration involves restoring an artefact as close as possible to its original condition

The main human activities that release sulfur dioxide to the atmosphere are:

■processing or burning fossil fuels

■extracting metals from sulfide ores.

Halons are compounds of carbon,fluorine,bromine and other halogens.They are non-flammable and dense,good for fire extinguishers.

Beta particles enters the thin window in tube of Geiger meter and ionises argon gas releasing electrons.

PVC is used as insulation for electrical cables because it is a good electrical insulator.it is also hard,brittle,flexible and high thermal stability.

PHB is melted and treated to produce usable polymer

Properties of PHB:


It is non-toxic, insoluble in water, permeable to oxygen, resistant to UV light, acids and bases,