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Yin-Yang Ever wondered what is a Yin "" Yang? This paper will give you information about the start of the Yin ""Yang symbol, and tell what the symbol represented in the beginning and means to us today.

The Yin "" Yang symbol was originally used by the religion Confucianism (The word Confucianism came about from a man named Confucius, a philosopher that influences civilization of all eastern Asia, Confucianism it referred to as a religion but, is more of a moral conduct) (Compton Reference Collection 1996) It visually explained how the elements of nature revolved around each other. It was wide spread in the year Twenty- one hundred BC. In today's society it has brought on a more laxed meaning. Adolescent and Teenagers use the symbol to display friendship between two people.

The name used by Chinese is T'ai Chi Chu Symbol. This translated in English "everything has a positive and a negative side and is always changing"� (Ehmen, Bonnie, The Janus Institute, Inc.

06/06/ 1996).

A Chinese man named Lao, tzu, was a Chinese philosopher, which brought about the word Tao. Tao means"� way " this makes the Chinese meaning of the Yin "" Yang "the way of life"� (Compton Reference Collection 1996).

The Yin was the name given to the cold side of the mountain and Yang the warmer side of the mountain. Yin and Yang also mean female and male. The Ying yang is a swirl of black and a swirl of white that locks at the top and bottom, and entangles each other (Design, Byzant. "Ying-Yang"� online posting 30, January2001. Symbols .

Most Chinese philosopher base their theories on nature, they use symbols to compare nature to what they are seeing. This makes it easier for them to teach how and why nature works in...