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In the closing days of World War 2, a Captain by the name of Lawrence Heard two men in his War Troop Company speaking a language that he Did not understand. The two men were Native Americans and the language they were speaking to each other was their Native language called "Choctaw Tongue". The Captain Lawrence then got a idea and had everyone learn the language Choctaw, so when they were fighting the War no one could understand them and no one could brreak their code, they were called Choctaw Code Talkers. The Germans could not break the Choctaw Code. The Germans tried to break the code and they would hear them speak and never were able to make out what they were saying, they would hear them say things like "posah "“ tai "“ vo" which meant in Navajo language (crazy white man) or who they were talking about was at that time (Adolf Hilter).

In the War Navajo volunteers were used to translate messages from English into Navajo Language.

The Marine Corps. , recruited 200 to 300 Navajos into the Marines, to help fight the War., they became Navajo Code Talkers in the War.

The Japanese were able to break almost every U.S. Army and Army Air Corps. Code, but never were they able to break the Navajo Code, they seem to never understand it and they never broke the code which was called the "Choctaw Tongue", which was the language that the Navajo's spoke. So their language seemed to help us while we were fighting our Wars, we spoke their language so the people we were fighting never knew what we were talking about or what our next move would be.