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Yoga provides stable, traditional discipline with a familiar routine. Moral, mental and physical awareness are all used and sharpened, to provide an individual with an independent lifestyle, free of stress, fatigue and depression. Yoga calms the mind and strengthens the body through gentle exercise, mediation and breathing. When practiced frequently, it can help leading a better life for our self.

There are several different styles of Yoga but three are most as from my perspective, each designed for different purposes. Jnna Yoga is the path of self-realization through the exercise of gnostic understanding or, to be more precise the wisdom associated with discerning the real from the unreal or illusory. According to my point of view Jnna Yoga is for the people who think about how to end suffering. I believe this is a very powerful Yoga to see in you and find more about yourself and to end the pain and sorrow related to yourself.

Bhakti Yoga, or devotional Yoga, is the most natural path for those who are dominantly seeking emotional fulfillment and well being, which I completely agree as these type of Yoga are performed by sadus (rituals). Religious beliefs are strongly taken to be successful in this practice. Visualizing, thinking, and feeling that the Lord is sitting or standing before him. This Yoga is very powerful as I practice this myself. I have seen a change from the day I started and I am now. Critical thinking, disappearing the thoughts of material pleasure and more joining path to the Lords are the advantages that I felt practicing this Yoga.

Raja Yoga, working to discover the thread of unity running through everyone; and Integral Yoga, which uses Raja Yoga to realize the reality into togetherness. This may sound like a bunch of crazy talk, but...