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Ecologising Education Essay

Tanika Oles - 9965157

Swinburne University of Technology

SLEE405 - Sustainable Educations and Perspectives

Tess Goulding

2 September, 2013

Sustainability is a term which means to create innovative ways that do not compromising others to prolong something to extend its future, which in this case is it regarding the environment. By creating an environment that is sustainable someone needs to educate the younger generations with values and an understanding of the issues that will assist them in creating a better world to live in. There are many values that children can gain during their learning journey through their schools and early childhood settings such as community, appreciation, empathy, respect, responsibility, reason and caring. These facilities can step in and start to implement changes in their services to assist the children's knowledge and growth towards the environment by role modelling and providing many avenues for them to explore and experience.

There have been frameworks designed to assist and support educators to teach and provide children with knowledge to support the natural environment. There are many key human features to eco literacy where children can start to comprehend concepts and grow appreciation towards their surroundings. There are many benefits and challenges of being an eco-literate regarding the effects of natural environment and the opportunities that arise to the individual.

There are many aspects of sustainability that can be attained through the education process. As Department of Environment and Heritage (2005) discusses how their framework has been a part of the Australian schooling for more than 30 years, this aims to achieve the children's awareness of the economic, social, political, and ecological aspects which provide many opportunities to gain their knowledge, values, attitudes, commitment and skills to improve the environment. Educators can help the children through their learning journey by...