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Allan Goetz

Mr. Jennings

Expository R&W P.1

6 October 2014



I have been camping all my life and I love it. Since I was born i have been going to places all around California, From camping on the beach at Silver Strand down in Coronado to Anza Desert state park, But my favorite of them all Yosemite national park. There's something different about Yosemite that makes it perfect place in my eyes.It could be the way you are away from dirty civilization, how you're surrounded by massive mountains that touch the clouds and with water falls that have the freshest water you can get. Or maybe when how you can never get bored there's always things to do like going swimming in freezing cold water that's as clear as glass or the infinite amount of bike rides and hikes you can go on.

Yosemite is a place I have been going to almost every year since I was born.

Camping at Yosemite is my neighbor hoods block party. It all starts at 4 am when several families on my block are all panicking making sure we have everything packed from a deck of cards to the right pie filling and ends with us making there right before dark rushing to unpack and build a sleeping fortresses,then at the break of dawn I wake up with everyone else and we start making breakfast using what seems like stone age equipment to non-campers. We plan our day while we eat and waste no time getting to it. At Yosemite its hard to waste time, doing anything here is always fun with nature surrounding you, sitting down and staring at the forest can seem like watching an NFL game with the vast amount of wildlife interacting with each...