are you for or against arranged marriages?

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Are you for or against arranged marriages?

Through out the world there are some countries that believe in arranged marriage. Arranged marriage is when members of the same family get married with their parents choosing whom the husband or wife should be. This occurs mostly in the Arabian areas where members of families get together to discuss the situation of marriage, this consists mostly of the royal and big families. There are some advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriage that might affect individuals' lifestyle. Therefore, a happy marriage would not exist if it were arranged.

Problems might result in an arranged marriage that may end a relation. The disadvantages are that a couple will not enjoy their marriage since their marriage is arranged. People who want to have a happy life must marry the ones who they love and feel comfortable with. Love plays a big part in marriage.

If there were no sign of love, then a happy marriage would not exist and would not last most of the time. A wife might run away or ask for a divorce if she is not happy with her life and the way she is with her husband and that's a fact that happens a lot these days in Arabian countries. Another important disadvantage is that it is widely known that if related people get married then there would be a great chance of some kind of disorder inherited to their children. This might not make a family happy nor would make a marriage going on well. Another thing is that the relationship between a wife and husband with their parents would not be stable and would not be as it was before since they have placed them in this situation.

Although there are disadvantages in an arranged marriage, there...