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After finishing all my courses in the first semester, I was finally able to lie down on my couch for the first time in my life. When I looked at my subjects in the timetable for the second semester, it was obvious that school will only get tougher as I move along. Plans for next year, courses I am going to take, methods to improve my marks, the beginning of a new semester, and procedures for my future have been very frustrating and difficult for me to handle. Right now, I am feeling somewhat restless. But after the first day in semester two, I was able to come about helpful solutions for myself.

It is a new semester with new teachers and new classmates. It seems as if time is going by so fast that I am in grade eleven already. I have four subjects this semester, and most of them are my weaknesses.

I am still anxious about how I am going to bring up my marks, but that is no excuse to let myself down. The choices I have are simple, WORK HARD, DO MY HOMEWORK, and STUDY. They sound easier than done, but everyone knows that in order to build a strong bridge, you have to put effort into the building process.

My plans for next year still have not been decided yet. That is probably the main source of my anxiety. I guess I should talk to the council or my parents on how to make this crucial decision because it is difficult to make the "correct" choices on my own.

Meeting new people and making new friends can be scary. Like I said before, it is the start of a new semester, and it will definitely be hard to make...