You Are The Future

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The Key to the future is in your hands. What lies in your path and your destiny, you will encounter today. Today may be the last day on earth that you will spend. You might die in a car crash tomarrow, or the next day. But there is one thing that can change your life. Its not really a thing, but a man. God. God holds you future in his holy hands today. He desides when you go and when you stay. But to have everlasting assurance of life, you have to believe in God. Believe with all your heart, soul and mind that he can save you in every situation. Do as he ask, lead a life as a christian. It doesnt mean that you have to give up on all the fun things. Christians have fun also. In fact they have more fun. You dont have to lie or cheat.

You dont have to drink or smoke to have a good time. And once you figure this out the more fun you will be able to have. All you have to do is believe. Trust. Love.