When are you going to grow up?

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When are you going to grow up?

Growing up… it's this ominous thing that you are supposedly to propagate into when you get older. When you stop acting like a child and start taking the first steps toward being a full fledge adult. Its word we often use to describe how children and how they are immature. You are never born with this sense of maturity. Its word used to describe someone who isn't acting there age, or is acting like a child. In society we use this as a deterrent towards people who are acting like children. It's used to judge someone on how much of an adult they are, a scale to show how much they have grown up in life. The Free Dictionary defines growing up as "Having reached full natural growth or development". Growing up is more commonly used in society as acting mature, as in what is acceptable in society.

Keeping with the norms and not differing form the status quo. The second someone dares differ from what the acceptable level of "normal" they are inexplicability told that they are not acting mature and should grow up. Why should a person who is different be told that he or she is not acting mature for just being himself and therefore different?

If the definition of growing up is having reached full development then shouldn't it be ok for a person to fully express themselves without the fear that what they are doing is not considered acceptable. Is the fact that everyone matures at different rates is not enough to acknowledge that someone is not acting the way you feel he should be acting not good enough? There needs to be a reworking of this word. A new definition that can be interpreted as fully realizing...