Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

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Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Joyce Carol Oates This was a very interesting story. I liked this story because it was very real. It reminded me of one of my friends that I was really close to. It also made me try to put myself in Connie's shoes and see how she reacted toward Arnold Friend. Arnold Friend was an older man that was trying to be younger. He would disguise himself so he would look younger than he really was, and he would just pull little tricks and say things to try to get Connie.

"If my father comes and sees you "”"” He ain't coming. He's at a barbecue. How do you know that?" This quote would make anyone feel very uncomfortable. He seemed to know everything about her and where her family was and she had no clue how he knew this. It seemed he was a stalker.

How did this crazy man know anything and everything about Connie? "I know my Connie," he said, wagging his finger. The only way Connie remembered him, was from the restaurant. Somehow he knew her name, age, address, and a lot more personal stuff any person wouldn't know.

Young Connie was very naive. She fell for all of Arnold Friend's little tricks at the end. She went to him like she knew him. He talked her into something she really didn't plan on doing, but what do you know, it happened. Arnold Friend was a guy that had many years to get all of his tricks down pat. What I mean is that he is older and guys play around when they are teenagers. Therefore, in his teen years he practiced his little games, now that he is older he is going to get an inexperienced girl...