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Poetry: An Anthology Fo Yo Lyfe



Mostly, because poetry if fucking awesome.

Poetry is also an incredibly artful and deliberate means of sharing emotion and experience. Poets work hard to paint vivid images in our minds using limited amounts of space and words. This assignment will give each of you an opportunity to find, explore, analyze, and share poetry that is meaningful to you. As we will continue to discuss in class, poetry comes in many forms and touches on a wide variety of universal subjects. Rather than me picking the poetry that we will explore as a class, you will decide what poetry will be the most interesting to discuss. I am looking forward to the variety of perspectives, and the creativity, that I know you will bring to this project J.


This is a two-part assignment:

1. Introduction to an Anthology of Poetry (2-3 pages) a. Collection of 5-7 Poems b. Due: November 18th.

2. Presentation a. Due: November 4th.

The Writ ing :

Ass ignment: Choose 5-7 poems that demonstrate some kind of commonality or theme-ideally, from your life. Your assignment is to select poetry for an anthology, then write an introduction to that anthology. Every anthology is, by its very nature, making an argument; the introduction either argues the value of the poets it includes, or it argues for an interpretation of the poems (as it identifies the subject matter) and why we should care about said interpretations. So you will need a semblance of a thesis, reasons, and evidence in this essay. You are arguing the worth of your own anthology. About Introducing Anthologies:

1. Anthologies are acts in judgment. When someone publishes an anthology of the best American poets under the age of forty, they are evaluating and judging.