Are You Living Feminist or Post-Feminist?

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Stemming from the 19th and 20th centuries women movements have bought about tremendous changes within our society. Feminists during the old wave and second wave periods were noted for their achievements in gaining women enforceable rights in being treated equally as a man regarding social, physiological, economical, and political endeavors. In today society, feminist groups seek to broaden women?s self-awareness and challenge the opposing forces of traditional stereotypes. Social exigencies of feminism, post feminism, and domesticity are replacing traditional ways. These ways are now being termed as either being ?new traditionalism? or ?backlash? against feminism. Public outcries on these terms are taking high forum. Do you think feminism and domesticity should undergo change? Is our home being threatened by post-modern, post-feminist and domesticity change? Culinary writer, Nigella Lucy Lawson stated that women today are living amongst oppress post-modern and post-feminist times. Many allies of Nigella Lawson identified her as being British?s most beautiful and exhilarating TV chef, newspaper and magazine columnist, devoted mother and domestic goddess.

While others arguing that she is nothing more than a feminist devaluing domestic labor with her social expectation of post-feminism and cooking style. In Nigella Lawson?s book, ?How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and The Art of Comfort Cooking?, she explored various ways people could utilize their personality instead of their culinary expertise while cooking. She emphasizes that baking serves to be a metaphor for the familiar warmth of the kitchen we fondly imagine as a mean of reclaiming our lost Eden. Furthermore, she continues that baking offers women (particularly, ?the post-modern, post-feminist, over worked woman?) possibilities for playful performance: meaning the pleasures of feeling like ?a domestic goddess, trailing nutmeggy fumes of baking in?[her] languorous wake? (200, p.viii).

This paper will explore the reshaping of the problematic place of feminism...