You Lose as You Think You Gain

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You Lose as You Think You Gain

As of this moment, I have one hundred twenty-two pending friend requests, seventeen notifications and two unread messages. I have had forty-five profile pictures, a little over a thousand of tagged photos, and countless statuses and likes on Facebook. That is just me, among the millions of people who have found a new world in this social networking site. Indeed, having an online account nowadays can be considered a 'necessity'.

The advent of the digital age brought about a lot of things for this generation to be proud of. It may be a bandwagon, but it is an undeniable truth that the gadgets and technology we have these days make a man's work easier, communication faster, data transmission more convenient, and transportation, business, tourism, and economics better. Specifically, social networking has been Internet's flagship service which is most accessible to all. We must be fortunate with all these state of the art developments.

But the advent of the digital age, particularly the birth of social networking sites, has also brought about a lot of things for this generation - including me - to be condemned.

Teenagers have gradually lost the time they spend with their self, family, friends and society as they become overly engrossed with the use of social networking sites, thus, greatly changing their interaction before and after the rise of SNS. In the present when we are faced with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring, Google+, Pinterest and a whole lot more, we tend to gain 'friends' and become popular online. But the truth is that we teenagers really lose a lot of the things more important in the real life.

First, we lose time for productivity. One can almost count with his fingers the number of teenagers who...