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You Loved Me? Have you ever been in love and nobody, even the person that you were in love with, knew about it or took it seriously? Well, I did, and this is my story.

People said that I was gay, but what did they know about me? I just moved to Perry Central High from Tell City and was already the new "target" for the bullies of PC. People thought that they would scare me away by pushing me into lockers and making me drop my books in the hallway. They don't understand what is like to be the new kid. Most of them grew up with the people here and knew some other type of me, but they were one of them, so it made no difference.

I am sure that you have heard about gay/lesbian rights in your school, but they don't go for them as it looks for mine.

I am heterosexual, but they treat me as if I am "BI", or "fag." I don't understand society today. "Back in my day," my grandpa always tells me, "you didn't have to worry if you were about being shot for being "different", you were exiled from your family and friends. Why can't people see that that was also wrong?" I like my grandpa, because he always knows how to say things, but he never really uses the right words.

At my old school, I was also deemed the name of "faggot." I hate that people say things, before they really get to know you, or how you will react to things like being called names and being treated like a "bitch." I have always, ever since I was in Kindergarten, been treated like this. I hate it.

Now, at this date, I am still called gay and "BI", but they know that I am not. Now, they treat my cousin with a lot of disrespect. People still don't understand that kids like my cousin and I will go off in that kind of situation.

Earlier I asked you if you have ever been in love and nobody, even the person you loved, knew about it. Well, this is the story about that question.

When I moved to Perry Central from Tell City, girls thought that I was kind of cute, because on the first day of school, I had at least four or five girls ask me out. That made me like Perry Central High School. The guys made my freshman year a living hell, mostly the upper classmen. They hated me, because they were the jocks, or the all A student, and I was the "band geek." I worked with several girls the summer before my freshman year that went to Perry Central. They all seemed to get along with me pretty well, according to working with me at Holiday World. I liked one of them then, and we hung out occasionally. I thought that she liked me too. I felt like I was in love with her then, but when I got to school with her she was even prettier than I could remember.

I then met her friend for the second time, but I didn't really say much to her, because I thought that she was cute. We talked that day at band practice, and jabbered like old friends who had not seen each other in decades. It was quite funny.

The girl that I had the "crush" on at work had a boyfriend at the time and I asked out this new girl, named Kelly. I fell for her immediately. I thought that she and I would be together forever, but that seemed to great to be true, and it was. Within three weeks she broke up with me for another boy that was cuter than I was and older. His name was Ben.

I thought that Kelly hated me, but come to find out she really felt bad about leaving me in the first place, she told me that at play practice. Her friend, the one that I had a "crush" on from work, told me that Kelly still had feelings for me this year and I asked her back out. Kelly finally said yes after three days of me asking and waiting for her answer. I finally got a "yes" from her on Wednesday, September 11, 2002. She made me jump for joy that day when she said yes. I felt complete, but nobody knew that but me, at the time.

I told Kelly that I loved her like everyday until I screwed up by cheating on her with a young girl by the name of Genesis. I still hate myself to this day about that, but I loved Kelly with all of my heart and soul, and wanted her back desperately.

Things went wrong and downhill from there. I was called gay more and more, and realized that they were right, that I was gay about cheating on a girl that would have loved me if I had been more cautious. If only I would have been with Miss Fest's class playing guitar or something. That is something that I do now with them.

I love all of the little kids with starry eyes looking at me playing the guitar, which I have only been playing for three months. It makes me feel alive, just like Kelly. I wrote several songs about her and how f I would have treated her better, maybe she would still be with me, but that is that.

My story really doesn't meet your requirements about the relationship, help, and how the help helped them, but it makes sense to me about what and why I should do some things. Not go on a killing spree through my school or anything, but tell people "thanks" for making me put up with the pain and suffering of the rude comments and pushing. I love those people for what they have done, every last one of them, and that is why I love someone, which in my case is everyone, without them or anyone else knowing it.