Are you popular or not?

Essay by slugbug April 2003

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Many teenagers ask the question, "What does it take to be like him or her?" It's not as hard as it looks. Everyone wants to be popular yet not everyone knows that they are. It doesn't take a nice car, cute clothes, being pretty, or certain friends to become popular. Everyone is popular in his or her own way.

Anyone can be popular, even parents, and it's not hard. Being friendly is an easy way to get the job done.

How does being popular work? It works by having a nice car, cute clothes, being pretty, or having certain friends. It's said that having a nice car means that you are a cool driver. Just having a nice car doesn't mean you are a cool driver. The car is not the key, the driver is. Wearing the cutest, nicest clothes is also something that people think makes someone popular.

People that go around wearing t-shirts and jeans all the time are popular too. Many guys would think that they would become popular if they went out with a pretty girl. Being pretty is the lowest point when it comes to popularity. Also, that guy would still be popular if he wasn't going out with the prettiest girl at school. Many teenagers also think that having the right crowd of friends helps their popularity. Wrong! Your friends are just like you but in their own way. There is nothing about them that is different from you when it comes to being popular.

What does take to be popular? It takes two cups of friendship, one heart full of love, two handfuls of generosity, and one dash of laughter. Sprinkle it with kindness and mix well. Finally, serve to everyone you meet.

Just having a cool car, the right...