What, for you, represents the Canadian way of life?

Essay by zls January 2003

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I arrived Canada only 3 years, not so long, but still get some feeling of Canada way of life. In my point of view, the life in Canada closely connects with the economic activities. It bumps following the market situation.

When the market goes up, it provides large quantity opportunities to all kinds of people. There is hiring, training everywhere. After making a good decision, some people turn themselves from employee to boss or change their major to do what they like. It seems so easy that you only need to control yourself well. Everybody felt exciting for the future. In the fall of year 2000, I got to Toronto, the market reached its highest point and there were so many job interviews. Many people got job offers and realized their dreams.

However, there isn't a market can keep climbing forever. When it reaches the most high, it must go down.

From the second half year in 2001, the business became slow. Scandals from some big companies were published, the mock financial reports, huge financial deficit shaken the confidences of the investors. Stock market dropped sharply. More horrible, a lot of companies begun to layoff, people felt tough pressure and tried to work hard to keep their positions. Even though, there were still more and more offices and companies closed. I lost my first job also in this period and can never easily find an interview again.

In the work, people can sensitively feel the market affection also. A lot of companies allow their employee working in a free schedule, but this free schedule is guaranteed by the employee's personality. Forty hours working must be done in every week. The quality of the work is important also. Intelligence work must be paid highly, vice verses. The boss can never pay...