You Are What You Drink.

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The right to drink alcohol is something the people of the world have struggled with for hundreds of years. In some cultures drinking is part of the religion and in others drinking is part of the everyday activities. For many people in the U.S. drinking is something done for social reasons. These people are looking for a good cheap drink to catch a quick buzz. This is a favorite way to unwind after a chaotic day at the office, but what the drinkers don't realize is that drinking is an art that should be studied and enjoyed.

For an educated drinker, choosing a drink is like choosing your clothes. The choice is an expression of how you want to portray yourself. Catherine Murdock, author of Domesticated Drink and graduate of the prestigious Bryn Mawr College located in Philadelphia where she also teaches and lectures in the Growth and Structures of Cities program, writes:

From the workplace to the blue-collar saloon and blue-chip private club, alcohol promoted male bonhomie.

The drink he chose and where he chose to drink it, defined a man's profession, his ethnicity, his community standing. Abstainers relied just as fiercely on their abstinence as a form of self-definition.

Knowing which drink to choose for an occasion or meal shows an understated sophistication that most common folk lack. Most of today's drinkers have a favorite drink that they stick with for every occasion. Choosing the right drink requires knowledge usually passed down by family or close friends. A few books exist to guide a novice drinker, but for the most part refined drinking is an art that takes many years to master. To select an excellent wine while participating in a casual or business dinner is one of the best ways to quietly impress the entire...