You are what you eat

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You are what you eat

Will you be what you eat? One proof of this statement is the increasing number of obesity, cardio vascular diseases, and diabetes. "More than two-thirds of U.S. adults, and more than a third of kids, are overweight or obese" (Oz, Mehmet).The relationship between food and health is significant. However, some times food can take control of us if we don't choose well what we put into our body. The food we eat is the energy that our body needs to function well. If we don't care about the quality and quantity of the food that we are eating, we just won't be and feel as healthy as we could. You choose what you want to be because you are responsible for your eating habits and no one tells you what to eat and what no to eat. For this reason, I believe that, first, your health depends on what you choose eat, second, don't blame others for your bad health, and last, don't listen to diet myths.

By now, I assume that every person surely knows the roll call of foods that affect your health or hearth, for better and for worst. Good for your body: "Mono-unsaturated fats like olive oil and the omega oil and the omega-3 fatty acids found in such cold-water fish as salmon and herring and in flaxseed and walnuts" (Landau, Meryl Davis). Harmful for your body and ticker: "Too much red meat and full-fat dairy, because of their saturated fat content, and margarine and bake goods, because of the trans fats they contain" (Landau, Meryl Davis).

Your Health depends on what you choose to eat because if you want to be healthy you care for what you put in to your body, and if you don't care for...