Young Goodman Brown

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Young Goodman Brown This story is not only a dream, but also a vision of today's society and world. Ambition is the worst temptation of them all especially when pursued by the devil itself. Young Goodman Brown is married to a woman, who is actually his faith in life, and so ironically her name is also Faith. Faith is a woman who believes in the goodness of life and God, and because of her faith Goodman Brown feels in his heart that good feeling his wife has. Soon he believes he has to go through a journey to find something he needs not to know, but should be in his heart already, and that is belief. While going through the woods a man came out of the darkness to walk with Brown in his journey. This man talks to Brown about his father and grandfather's generations. He persuades him in to losing his faith and his belief.

The man, who seems to be the devil, shows him that his town and the people who he believed in, including his father and grandfather, have all give in to his temptations. The devil, which resembles Brown almost as if he was his father, took him to a meeting where the whole town is present. Before this meeting he sees Goody Cloyse his catechism teacher as a witch and he believes all she taught him was fake. In this meeting he sees all the townspeople and sees how they all where part of this man's (devil) life. Brown didn't so easily give in, so the devil in this dream presented him with a woman going through the crowd but never shows her face. This woman is wearing pink ribbons that attract Brown's attention because his wife Faith wears pink ribbons as well. Though Brown tries to see the face of this woman he never meets the other side of her back. At the end this dream ends up taking the faith and his trust away. Brown even distrusted his own wife Faith and he lived what I would call a miserable life. Because Brown lost everything he truly believed in even the faith of his wife, it shows that the devil succeeded on his persuasion. Nowadays, life is based on doing evil things to the people who surround us, and this is something evil inside of us that persuade us in doing it. Ambition has taken over the lives of many people because they believe success will come out of it. I think this is what Brown saw and felt after he went to that meeting.