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Produced by Christopher Cain this wild and adventurous western film all began in the year 1878, Lincoln County, New Mexico. John Tunstall, a British ranchowner, hires six rebellious boys as "Regulators" to protect his ranch against the ruthless Santa Fe Ring. When Tunstall is killed in an ambush, the Regulators, led by the wild-temper Billy the Kid (Estevez), declared war on the Ring. As their vendetta turns into a bloody rampage, they are branded outlaws, becoming the objects of the largest manhunt in western history.

Beginning with the group called the Regulators in this film starting with the well known William H. Bonney (Emilio Estevez) known for his wild temper, "Billy the Kid" led the Regulators in their war against the Santa Fe Ring. Next would be Josiah "Doc" Scurlock (Kiefer Sutherland) even though he was branded an outlaw, Doc was an affable member of the Regulators. And then we have Jose Chavez Y Chavez (Lou Diamond Phillips) a knife throwing expert who joined the Regulators in the war against the Ring.

Next is Richard "Dick" Brewer (Charlie Sheen) one of Tunstalls' Regulators who seemed to take a back seat to Billy the Kid. Then we have Steve Stephens (Dermot Mulroney) aka "Dirty Steve," his rough-and-tumble style made him a natural for the Regulators. And last we have Charley Bowdre (Casey Siemaszko) a Regulator who wanted revenge for the murder of John Tunstall.

In this film Emilio Estevez portrayed an outstanding performance as William H. Bonney aka Billy the Kid and the leader of the Lincoln County Regulators. Throughout this film Estevez makes you feel as if you were right there with him, fighting, brawling and shooting up the west. Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Charlie Sheen, Dermot Mulroney and Casey Siemaszko also important roles in...