The young man from The Bronx

Essay by merenguedog September 2004

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I always think that to give a good example of yourself, influence the people around you. Also, the rewards one receives by setting good examples are immensely satisfying. Julio, a young man from the Bronx, was a member of a gang. He grew up without a father. His father died of cocaine over dose when he was only ten years old. When I met Julio, he had just started working in the factory where I was a maintenance manager. One day this young man stopped me in the hallway. "Hey Yo, I want to work in your department as a mechanic" he said. I didn't paid attention and kept walking. Several days later the production manager asked me to give an opportunity to a young man to work in my department, and I did.

Rapidly, I realize that Julio was clever with the tools, and I started to give him some responsibilities.

But, he was a forlorn, witty young man that had a short temper and a really bad attitude. He couldn't get along with his co-workers. I called him into my office and I asked him what his problem was. "I have no problem man, those mother fuckers talk too mush shit. They don't know who I am," he said. "Well Julio, here you are an employee just like them and I expect you to change your attitude with them. I need you to get along with them like family". I said. "Family" He said, "I don't want no fucking family. I need to work to stay out of jail".

I soon found out that I had a troublemaker, and told him, that he needed to change his street attitude, or he will put me on the position to let him go. His answer was, "fuck you,