Young Thoughts and the Facts About Living with Parents

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The story about family and child starts from with first crying. Motherhood emotion, fatherhood excitement and the smell of the baby covers the family. The connection between child and parents hearts is established on these days and it never ends. But, after years the child starts to go away from the family. Youth agitations, wonders and needs crate a rift between the child and parents. The sweet smelling baby enters the way of being an adult and then, the bird wants to fly away from the nest. This young man thinks that he shouldn't live with his parents. Living with family is seems difficult and unbearable to him. Then, he starts to think about disadvantages of living with parents. He has good and real reasons but the facts are different from his thoughts and I know he never got them unless he experienced living in a foreign place. Sometimes living away from family would be the source of sadness, sometimes still spending father's money would be the source of the shame.

Actually, living with them is both difficult and easy for the young.

While the young talking about the difficulties of living with parents; they always say that "They do not understand me!" With first years of adolescence; after be obsessed with the questions had in mind, the child starts to get suspicious about himself and his family. He lost his self-confidence and thoughts like "They do not like me"; "They hate me" begins to gnawing that fresh brain. But, he doesn't know why he lost all the interest from his parents as they've gave on his babyhood. Parents don't think that. Their thought about that is "He is not a baby so; it's good to be talk with him as an adult". After getting older, the main thought changed...