Your Best Friend and My Life's Work - Short persuasive essay about Dog Training

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Let's face it, most of us love dogs. Getting a dog can be a good decision that leads to a rewarding loving relationship. It is also a lesson in responsibility and patience. Living with a dog can be a daydream, or a nightmare; the experience depends on the choices of the owner.

When most people go grocery shopping, they take inventory of what they have, what is still needed, have a budget to stick to, and then they make a list. But when it comes to making the life changing decision of getting a dog, some people will go out shopping and let the dog choose them! Getting the right dog is just as important as planning and preparing to bring home a baby. Becoming a dog owner comes with many responsibilities. It is important to consider all the ramifications of owning an animal, before a commitment is made that will last for years and affect one's future.

After all, the dog will become a family member for the rest of it's life.

Making the right choice in breed and planning is essential for success. For instance, while planning consider these things: lifestyle, time schedule, budget, and the home environment. All dogs have their own special characteristics that define their particular breed. When choosing an animal a person must also consider even one's own personality. A calm independent individual, might not want to get a Chihuahua that will act like a cling-on, bark at every shadow, and vibrate in his/her lap. People who have little time and money to spend on a dog's hygiene, should eliminate the idea of getting a long haired breed that requires heavy brushing every other day and a trip to the groomers once a month. A Doberman might not be a good choice with...