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Essay by askas1A, February 2007

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Beauty is what everyone in this world thrive for. Everyone has his/her own image of what a beautiful person looks like. What beauty means to you may not so be to others. To know beauty, one first has to define what beauty really means. Beauty of a person could be the way the person look, act and even the words they speak. However, in all different culture, the idea of beauty varies.

For Women, they have always been obsessed to achieve this perfect image of a figure that men wanted them to be. In North America, such images are heightened and fueled by the media, and by critics. In magazines, pictures of models and actresses dressing in all too little clothes posing in very revealing positions, the message is very clear to the young female generation of the world. Many times, when you ask a men what his perfect wife would be, you would get an answer much like this, small thin thigh, slim and tall body, big breast, blond hair and a beautiful face.

Such answers are all too common in today's world. People want to look and act beautiful because they want to have the attention. Looks alone can get you through many hard curves of life, and because of this reason, many teenager girls will starve themselves to fit into this looks, and the fact is that they are doing this for someone who may never even talk to them. To the majority of people in North America, you can't be considered beautiful unless you have good physical appearances. Beautiful physical image is a subjective.

Beauty also can be defined as a person's character. To me, beauty isn't a thing, or even a person, but a feeling that comes from your soul. Such is the way...